The Future Looks Bright

8 comments on “The Future Looks Bright”

  1. Cool. I like that he staring out of frame. Adds interest and mystery.

    1. Thanks Michael, look at the scraggy beard lol

  2. I really do hope your future looks bright. I hope that same thing for a lot of people. Others–not so much.
    That illuminating glow of light looks like the light of good fortune. 🙂

    1. i can understand not hoping that for everyone, but you should try and feel it, coz it’s very freeing lol

      1. Well, gee. Now I feel so thwarted in my semi-vindictiveness. 🙂

      2. well, semi-slap them then, and feel semi-free lol

  3. It’s a great feeling to have, Elaine, isn’t it!

    1. Yes Ginnie Girl, indeed it is, i’m soo happy 🙂

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