Larger Than They Appear

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  1. It always tickles me when I see that message…even after all these years! 🙂

    1. for the new drivers i guess lol

  2. Some people are.

    1. hahaha, larger than life baby yeah!!

  3. Haven’t we all read that when we drive. And you made art out it! Amazing. Love the rough feeling you have created.

    1. thank you Otto… i can’t make art out of anything else it seems lol

    2. i mean i have no ‘subject matter’ in my life haha… i have been compared to eggleston by a few who i hold to blame for ruining my illusion that i was the only one who ever decided to take ugly photos lol

      1. I think it must be an illusion, indeed. Deciding to take ugly photos, doesn’t necessarily end up in ugly photos—as you again and again show.:-)

      2. awwww Otto, you are so unbelievably SWEET! i wubz you xoxoxox

      3. but STILL my vanity took a blow, because i wanted to think i was the only one EVER who decided to take ugly photos and make something i liked from the endeavour

      4. Maybe Egglestone never WANTED to…

      5. well at FIRST he complained of having nothing but ugliness around him, boring, nothingness… but then a friend told him to take pictures of the ugliness, so he did… and now he’s famous for it. ugh.

      6. THAT’S WHAT I SAID lolol

      7. i hope you are gone googling that bastard lol

      8. Alot of people say that his photographs are only interesting coz they are retro… but they weren’t retro AT THE TIME… there is one stupid article about him saying how he must have studied colour theory and about how he sat staring at something stupid for hours before he took a photo, what a pile of doodoo…

      9. Didn’t Eggleston do his major work i the 70’s? It’s hardly retro, then, just old…

      10. 70’s is retro, but i think his work was more 60’s

  4. You are not only lager than life, baby, but closer than you may appear, soul sister. And that just feels so good, so right, so beautiful.

    All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

    1. well, gotta give some soul, brotha… i’m glad you are there to catch me when i fly over the interwebz ether

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