7 comments on “Kleenex”

  1. I think it’s cold season. I like that tilted composition.

    1. thanks, Michael.. this is probably one of the only SOOC pics you’ll see from me

  2. SOOC. I knew there was something different about it. HA! Well, it’s a pretty box!

    1. yep, not a lick of processing. and that is VERY different for me lol

  3. The colors and clarity are nothing to sniff at.

    1. that was taken with my Nikon D70… expensive POS… but it did take lovely SOOC pics if the sun was shining on your subject, or indirect sun… it gave that cremey finish you see there… i thought it was lovely

      1. It is lovely. Absolutely lovely, my dear.

        All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

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