This is sorta like when you see a couch burning on the side of the highway… weird like that.

10 comments on “Microwave”

  1. That certainly is an odd sight. Was there an outlet nearby?

    1. lol i don’t think so

  2. And they assume someone will want it???? A good project for a kid to work on to get it to work again???

    1. i wouldn’t want a kid pulling apart a microwave and then testing it lol

  3. Did you try to light up the microwave? Could have been really cool. Well, probably not. As it is now it’s just much cooler anyway, and a great juxtaposition of weirdness. I really like the photo, it reminds me of… oh, it doesn’t…

    1. hahaha, reminds you of my older days, right? lol

      1. Yes, or maybe mine?..

      2. no way, I KNOW THIS IS MY PICTURE haha you can’t pull that on me this time lol

      3. Just trying…

      4. nice one hahaha u might succeed with mountains and trees coz they all look alike haha but not this

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