Buffalo Stance

14 comments on “Buffalo Stance”

  1. I think his answer is “No!”.

    1. probably lol

  2. Is that anything like the bull planting its hooves in the sand (Taurus)???

    1. something like that lol

  3. I see you two have been married for a while.

    1. yep haha, and that’s pretty much his stance on things 🙂

  4. What did you do wrong this time, to warrant such a stand? Taking too many photos, maybe? Enough is enough, is what the crossed arms say. Or maybe I just like the photo to much. Definitely averted!

    1. i really don’t know what you mean by averted, but i took another one for you, check my post tonight lol

      1. I will. 🙂

  5. Should have “too much”. Silly me. 🙂

  6. tread very carefully now, Elaine 😛

    1. i always doooo lol

  7. his mind is made up Elaine!!… i don’t think that you will win this conversation….peter:)

    1. i win EVERY conversation lol

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