Canada, Eh? Fuckin’ Eh!

8 comments on “Canada, Eh? Fuckin’ Eh!”

  1. The dominance and positioning of the flag against the blue background makes a statement.
    “I know this place is where I am.” That made me laugh.
    Many years ago, I visited Canada. I never heard a single person end a sentence with “eh.” How about that? Eh?

    1. i know lol nobody talks like that.. bob and doug mackenzie lol and i have zero idea what back bacon is! the canadian ‘accent’ is the one american newscasters train to have… a kind of no accent accent.

  2. I have a feeling Canada is one of those (few?) countries anyone can be proud to be from!

    1. i think so, at least it used to be

  3. nice shot. i like the bright reds against the blue sky. the flutter is also rather pleasing, Elaine

    1. thank you, eh 🙂

  4. Canada seems to be my favourite blues. Or is it just because of you?

    All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

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