Small Town Life

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  1. You are always on the move. Nice urban image.

    1. no, i’m not always on the move… you just always ‘notice’ my pictures from the car. people used to complain about my pictures of my husband, now it’s pictures from ‘the road’ i guess

  2. Small town life is how I grew up back in Michigan…around 5,000 people, but we were only 10 miles away from the state capital, Lansing, and could get the big city feel any time we wanted. The best of both worlds?

    1. i like living in places like that, small towns by big cities…. it’s kind of the way things are set up in the urban sprawl where i live

  3. Well I was born in a small town
    And I live in a small town
    Prob’ly die in a small town
    Oh, those small communities
    –John Cougar Mellencamp “Small Town”

    I can identify (even smaller). 🙂

    1. i’ll bet he is not in a small town at all… poser lol

  4. this is about the same size as Moonbeam Elaine!!… but we have Kapuskasing 20 kl away which is a much bigger town… i like the mountains on the horizon….peter:)

    1. Moonbeam, what a nice name

  5. These small towns make you appear bigger than life. And I’m sure you are. No … I know you are because your heart is a wide ocean you allow me to dive in.

    All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

    1. and you are swimming laps baby yeah 🙂

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