The Lovely Lenore? Nevermore


Thus quoth the raven.. Nevermore.

14 comments on “The Lovely Lenore? Nevermore”

  1. That is an awesome shot.

    1. thank you, Michael from you that’s a compliment indeed

  2. Lenore is outstanding in her field!

    1. more like out laying in her field lol

  3. I like the leading lines and composition. Poe would be proud of the ominous darkness.

    1. hehe, Phil… i remember reading that poem to my husband and explaining it, and poe’s fixation for dead chicks lol

      1. I wanted so-o-o badly to let my comment read “CAW me maybe.” But, I won’t do that. No, I won’t.

      2. hahahaha!!!

  4. I am back for a second look because I didn’t mention the great vignetting. What photo program do you use?

    1. i use photoshop, CS6, Michael… thanks so much!!

  5. This is just a beautiful design. The texture you have added gives another dimension to image.

    1. thank you, Otto, my pictures often seem naked without a texture!

  6. You tell such beautiful stories about freedom. And your blues goes straight to the heart of this lonesome wanderer, my dear.

    All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

    1. nevermore baby yeah… when to hear the blues

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