Love Shack

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12 comments on “Love Shack”

  1. Because of your title, I immediately thought of a homeless couple falling in love there. I wonder if that ever happens…homeless people falling in love???

    1. i wonder if that ever happens NOW that you have brought it up… reminds me of the movie ‘down and out in beverly hills’ 🙂

  2. i like the light and the colour temperature, Elaine.

    1. thank you!

  3. it is shelter Elaine!!poor lovers need a place to stay as well…
    i like your framing with the subject on the left of center….peter:)

    1. thank you Peter… hope you are well

  4. Love is wonderful no matter where you find it.

    Love this shot.

    1. awwww, love is wonderful

  5. It’s “A Room With a View” for sure.

    1. lol indeed it is… i loved that movie too

  6. Every shack we see we make it our love shack with your amazing sense of minimalism, baby.

    All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

    1. it’s our funky little shack, now get inside just to get down 🙂

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