Bueller… Bueller…


8 comments on “Bueller… Bueller…”

  1. That was one of my kids’ favorite movies growing up. HA!

    1. i love that movie haha i just watched it recently acutally

  2. Another great blurry photo. It feels like a dream with the back lit fair ground and the faded colours. I believe I need to watch a movie…

    1. if you want a dream like movie, i recommend ‘Don Juan De Marco’… i love that comment you just left, i believe i need a movie too 🙂

      1. I think Don Juan de Marco was a great movie. You need a movie? Have you even seen Mystery Train by Jim Jarmusch?

      2. no i haven’t seen it, what sort of movie is it?

      3. It’s hard to say. On the outside it’s about a Japanese couple arriving at Memphis to see Elvis’ attractions. But it’s kind of odd, and we see the events from three different perspectives. 🙂

      4. sounds good, Otto… i mean odd is good, and points for not being a horror movie lol

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