Pit Stop

listening to the car radio, loading up on red bull…

gratitude, day 1: I’m grateful for the stupid drugs that make me able to sleep, they may just be stupid drugs, but i’m still grateful for the sleep.

10 comments on “Pit Stop”

  1. Sheesh. You blog is not being cooperative but I finally arrived. Do you keep changing the setup?

    Anyway, that is a cool shot. Never had a Redbull. I stick with good old coffee.

    1. yes i do change the setup, but you seem to have trouble with all of them lol

  2. Good for Michael never having a Red Bull. Me neither. The stuff is killing the young people of our world. (sigh) But in the meantime, a pit stop is inevitable. 🙂

    1. redbull kills? wow never heard of that

  3. it reminds me of illustrations in my childhood story books, Elaine.

    1. that’s cool… i have a children’s book on amazon!

  4. Painterly. Very painterly. For me, at least, atmosphere or ambiance is a good thing. Group f/64 would not be happy, but I think there is plenty of room for varied styles and tastes. In fact, it is probably a necessity. Additionally, this thing called photography is even more enjoyable due to the wide scope in style.

    1. oh i agree, Phil !! … the widescope in style should be embraced! though i gave my blog address to my niece recently and i thought ‘she’s going to come and see these blurry photos and think i’m barking mad’ lol

  5. This is so felt, Elaine. Coffee & cigarettes & gospel stations. Than it’s back into to the car. You can sleep while I drive, baby.

    All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

    1. gospel stations lol i love that… well, i can’t sleep NOW honey, not after that comment lol

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