She asked him why…. ‘why i’m a hairy guy… i’m hairy noon and nighty night night, my hair is a fright…. i’m hairy high and low. but don’t ask me whyyyy’ Coz he don’t know!

Gratitude, day: I’m grateful my husband is such a great cook!!

12 thoughts on “Gimme a Head With Hair!

  1. i see you are having a trip down memory lane. nice post, Elaine. i on the other hand have no interest in cooking anything whatsoever.

  2. I always enjoy visiting your blog. Never know what will show up. An old image of your husband? A photo full of emotional attachments and just being there for each other across a photo in a photo. 🙂

    1. you really do have a magical way of making me feel good about my work, but i’m in a horrible deep pit of photographic despair right now

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