Into The Depths

Gratitude day: I’m grateful for my puppy

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  1. You must have seen to much Star Wars lately. Ready to enter the beast’s cavity? Once again you prove that you can create great blurry art!

    1. hehe, great blurry art! thank you, Otto!! you are always so kind… and no, i don’t like star wars, was more of a star TREK kind of girl…

      1. Well, there we have a difference. 🙂

      2. i had a crush on spock 🙂

      3. I just never got into Spock’s world—before it was too late. On the other hand I was an extra in Star Wars number 5.

      4. aaaaah HA! lol so you are biased 🙂 did you make it onscreen?

      5. Yes, but I can’t tell who is me and who are the other 100s who wore white outfits. 🙂

      6. hahaha, you were a storm trooper??? lol that’s SO COOL

      7. So you did watch Star Wars after all!

      8. ya i’ve seen 2 of them, not a fan tho, hubby drags me lol

  2. The depths of what is the question.

    1. haha, smart ass… it’s totally like a parking garage lol

  3. the thing about blurry is that it gets the imagination going…
    i’m grateful for my puppy too Elaine!!… he makes me laugh all the time and keeps me moving… which makes me stronger….peter:)

    1. i love blurry pictures! and puppies 🙂

  4. This is so outstanding, baby. Touched by beauty I am & the spirit of Saul Leiter. This is an all time favourite to me.

    All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

    1. gah!!! i thought if i do ‘blur’ then NOBODY can compare me to ANYBODY… and here you are darling, doing just that hahaha, oh that’s funny!

  5. But, but, but…where’s the puppy????? Okay, I’m supposed to pretend, right?!

    1. lol yes you can pretend

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