Off Into the Wild Blue


‘m going to take a wee break from my photoblog…

14 comments on “Off Into the Wild Blue”

  1. Off into the wild blue YONDER! Don’t forget the YONDER. 🙂 And don’t be gone long….now that I’m back!

    1. you’re baaack!!! yay!!! was gettin’ lonely out in space!

  2. Enjoy the blurry, blue, blistering wild. Hope to have you back soon. 🙂

    1. Thanks, Otto… I’m sure I will be back, soon is a weird word, but I’m sure it will be soon 🙂

  3. hope you are recharged and back soon, Elaine.

  4. This is turning into more than a wee break.

    1. lol is it? well i’m involved in a side project trying to get my health back, and it’s taking up all my thought space 🙂

  5. Miss you darling. It’s so time to return.

    All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

    1. i miss you too, mon cher… i hope i can come back to you soon xoxoxox

    2. Miss you too my chickapee…. i’ll back soon!

      1. oh i already responded lol i’m a daft punk

  6. hey Elaine, how have you been?

    1. doing good, thanks, i’m sure i will be back soon… well sorta sure lol

  7. j’aime cette ambiance blafarde

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