Let Sleeping Dogs Lie: Buncha Liars

My Smidge snuggled up against my leg while I sit at my computer… on her back with her tongue hanging out, she looks relaxed 🙂

12 comments on “Let Sleeping Dogs Lie: Buncha Liars”

  1. a very cute shot with the paw half folded and the ping tongue lolling out, Elaine. reminded me of a colleague’s dog who even snores rather loudly!

    1. i knooow, she is so freakin’ adorable when she sleeps lol she doesn’t snore tho lol

  2. What a bundle of cuteness.

    1. i know right lol sometimes i just stare at her while she’s sleeping 🙂 with a small smile on my face

  3. Oh my. Perfect cuteness. The blacks and whites really work with that little pink tongue.

    1. i knooooow, her tongue is always lagging out of the side of her mouth when she is asleep coz she has something wrong with the roof of her mouth, but gosh it looks cute!

  4. HAHAHA! What a cutie-pie. As long as she doesn’t snore???

    1. hehe, i’m sure that even if she did snore it would be cute as anything 🙂

  5. She’s got something very hypnotizing. But maybe that’s the way you frame her.

    All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

    1. sometimes when i hold her next to my cheek i get dizzy with love 🙂

  6. that is too funny !

    1. can’t get the truth out of a sleeping dog 🙂

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