Friends Deux!


She looked so pretty out in the sunlight, so white, with pink eyeliner, i couldn’t resist.

12 comments on “Friends Deux!”

  1. pretty dog

    love, love the look of your site

    so good to hear from you !

    1. thanks Sherri!! your site looks amazing toooo 🙂

  2. i think that she is a beautiful puppy Elaine and will be a great friend to Smidge after she is finishes chewing in her….peter:)

    1. she isn’t getting NEAR Smidge again until she is trained lol

  3. What a beautiful dog – and picture of a dog. She shows such confidence and has nothing but love in her eyes. And you captured this wonderfully.:-)

    1. yes, i think she is confident that she will grow big enuff to take anything on lol… thanks, otto, great to see you!

  4. That is such a sweet portrait.

    1. well, she was a great subject 🙂 thanks Michael!!

  5. Puppy love is quite amazing, isn’t it, Elaine!

    1. the most amazing love 🙂

  6. Right into the soul. That’s the way you look them up. That’s the way you hit me every time, darling.

    All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

    1. that’s what i’m aiming for xoxoxox 🙂

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