We used to go out wandering the quays to look in gift shops for tiny treasures for my shadow boxes. I filled two of them then figured that was enough.

9 comments on “SHADOW BOXING”

  1. Sweet. I have a tiny crystal camera tat would look great there.

    1. ooooh a crystal camera!! i would love that!!

  2. that is indeed some collection, Elaine. i suppose the hunting part was really fun.

    1. yes the hunting was fun, and when my niece was small she used to run in our house, run up to the wall and beg to be lifted up to look in the shadow boxes lol was sooo cute

  3. We have one, Elaine, with many cubby holes because it used to be a type-set tray. I LOVE little treasures that mean something. I’d want to look at every single one!

    1. yes, a lot of them are from my childhood.. so they do mean something 🙂 shadow boxes are great!

  4. i just love your shadow box Elaine… there are so many things to see… i like the way that you framed it on and angle…. xox,,,,oeter:)

  5. Such little boxes & so many great stories. Did I already mentioned that you are my favourite poetress. BUt it can’t be said to often, right?

    All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

    1. nope, never too often, my dear, keep telling me, again and again xoxoxox

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