In The Sun! I Feel as One!

At a certain time in the late afternoon, a sploosh of sunlight appears on my yoga mat. Smidge drags all her toys over there and sits on top of them and chews on each in their turn with her eyes blissfully shut as if she is in love with them all equally 🙂

8 comments on “In The Sun! I Feel as One!”

  1. I think Smidge has been spoiled.

    1. THAT’S NOT TRUE!!! lol

  2. I bet she looks forward to that moment every day! Just the thought of it makes me smile. 🙂 How sweet.

    1. she’s not looking forward to anything right now, she’s in heat and MISERABLE that the little boys aren’t coming around!

      1. You would probably be miserable if they did.

      2. oh i would be!! she is far too tiny to get pregnant!! but she doesn’t know that!!

  3. she is rather human in her preferences then, Elaine 😀

    1. yes, much like Kurt Cobain haha

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