In Cars

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Puppy has yet to learn that it’s funner to hang her head out the window.

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  1. To me it more looks like she has found someone to adore. Or maybe just begging for some candy… Great shot, Elaine. And, yes, she is adorable.

    1. yes, she has found someone to adore, they are in loooove, puppy love!

  2. HA and LOL. But what can be cozier than to be where she is right now! So sweet.

    1. lol she does look all cozied up to Tina’s bosom, doesn’t she?

  3. i just love your new puppy Elaine… he will have his face out the window in no time… i love your picture of him cuddling up to you….peter:)

    1. Peter, my puppy is a tiny chihuahua, this is my friend’s huge boxer… you are confused lol

  4. It may be fun for her to hang her head out the window but very dangerous. A lot of dogs get eye injuries from insects. Bees are the worst.

    1. good point, Michael, i will tell Tina that! She was trying to teach her dog to hang her head out the window…

  5. Riding with you is riding with the queen & one big never ending adventure. And the road is never too long, sweet heart.

    All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

    1. if i’m queen, you can be king of the road, my dear!

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