This Is The End: Diet Coke

The end, my friend… of my love affair with Diet Coke. I heard that aspartame can put you in a wheelchair, I’m outtie.

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  1. THANK YOU!!!!!!! You will not believe how much better you will feel, to say nothing about the weight you will lose. Seriously. We have tried to get Mark to stop for years. One thing Astrid and I have discovered this past year is that even “fat-free” and “lite” products are bad for you because of all the sugar that’s added. SUGAR is what’s killing us, slowly but surely, especially the “fake” sugars.

    1. i like stevia, it’s natural and i’m one of the lucky ones who doesn’t hate it lol
      do you really think i will feel better?

      1. YES, I DO believe you will feel better. Let’s pay attention!,,20739512,00.html

      2. I didn’t get that link, it’s got commas in it!!

  2. Congratulations!

    1. thank you, Michael!! incoming water kefir and iced tea from scratch!!

  3. way to go, Elaine.

    1. thanks, man, with bailey’s on hand i don’t miss it as much as i thought i would hahaha

  4. Whiskey is a true alternative. Let’s get drunk & dance the nights away. And suddenly all the sad songs turn to lullabies. Cheers, my dear.

    All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

    1. turn all my sad songs to lullabies… i love that idea, then i can sleep peacefully after dancing with you until i can’t dance anymore

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