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You were born, and so you’re free, so Happy Birthday… ~Laurie Anderson wishing me a happy bday 🙂

15 thoughts on “Born: Never Asked

  1. You ARE free, and that’s the beauty of your special day. HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY. Fill up your day with all that’s YOU in the bestest way ever. I’m glad you were born.

  2. Happy birthday, my dear. And let me say that I am a happy follower cause you were born and we walk this world together. And that I hope makes you happy too, darling. Born never asked but finding the answers in the companionship, soul sister.

    All the best & kisses, Fritsch.

    1. yes, i am grateful that we were born at the same time, so that i can get barrages of photographic love from you… if you were too young, or too old, this would be too freaky lol

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