This is as close as you can get to bailey’s without getting your eyes wet – Old Greg

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  1. That is a tasty shot. I like mine on the side with a cup of good coffee.

  2. One of our all-time favorites, Elaine, for a coffee treat once or twice a week. How did you know?! In fact, we brought back two bottles on our return trip from England recently. They’ll last us a year. 🙂 FABULOUS image of a great drink. I bet they would love it for their own advertising!

    BTW, we had NO Wi-Fi during our 5 hours in NYC yesterday, which was a real bummer. Today I’ll try to catch up….

    1. Ginnie! a bottle of bailey’s barely lasts me A WEEK haha, it’s just soooo tasty and doesn’t make me feel drunk…

      sorry you had no wifi, were you flying on a flintstones plane? lol i know you will catch up!

      1. It was the JFK airport that didn’t have wi-fi…in this day and age???!!!! I couldn’t even pay for it…because they didn’t offer it.

      2. lol now i have the flintstones song running thru my head… ‘wilmaaaaa!!!’

  3. good stuff, Elaine. both the subject and the shot of it.

  4. Well you that no booze is no solution either 🙂

    All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

    1. what IS the solution, hon? 🙂

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