In The Dark

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You want it darker? We killed the flame… ~ Leonard Cohen, RIP

11 comments on “In The Dark”

  1. I have a feeling there are times when it is exactly like that, Elaine. (sigh)

    1. like a Leonard Cohen song? for sure life is like that a lot 🙂 (sigh as well)

      1. Wait. That wasn’t the original text, was it? I don’t remember you saying anything about a LC song when I looked at this after it first popped up. Hmmm. Or am I going crazy?

      2. no you’re not going crazy lol… i changed it to something more fitting 🙂

  2. Very mysterious.

    1. Thank you, Michael…

  3. i like the smooth lines across this abstract image, Elaine

  4. RIP Leonard. Long live Leonard. And…Elaine…long may you live as well as your sensitivities. Love the artistic shot.

    1. thank you, Phil, sniff sniff about Leonard, at least he had a good life

  5. And in all that darkness you are the flame … spreading warmth, light & love. And I don’t fear any darkness as long as you are there. Period.

    All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

    1. awww sweetheart, ok, i will be brave in the dark too…

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