Little Princess

I have the softest robe on the face of the earth, somehow she can tell… even though she is covered in fur. it is like the princess and the pea 🙂

16 comments on “Little Princess”

  1. Totally adorable. I love how she curls up like that…all snug as a bug in a rug! 🙂

    1. i used to stare and stare at her when she was tiny, and she would curl up and make a perfect circle 🙂 she’s a little longer in the body now, so makes more of an oval

  2. She looks so cute snugged up in the robe. I hope you don’t let her sleep on peas?

    1. lol Otto, you’re so funny

  3. So cute! She looks so peaceful

    1. she is peaceful, she loves sinking into the softness of that robe 🙂

      1. We all have things we love to cuddle up into, but most of us don’t look as cute

      2. haha, you got me there!

  4. Our little Teddy finds the best stuff to snuggle into.

    1. makes one wish they were small, hmm?

  5. i am tempted to stroke her in that position, Elaine, i suppose you do that too.

    1. yes, she can tell and wakes up when i’m looking at her lol

  6. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh….sleep. Smidge, you own Elaine’s heart, you know.

    1. yes she certainly has me wrapped around her little paw 🙂

  7. A soft place to fall & suddenly these days are all beautiful, full of meaning & love of a good girl like you are, my dear.

    All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

    1. awwww, Fritsch, you do me good, you do all of me GOOD

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