Shortbread Nom Noms


Hubby made the yummiest shortbread yet in our marriage… melt in your mouth! My mom used to make shortbread to die for, the secret was a cookie press 🙂 Happy Boxing Day to all who celebrate it!!

4 comments on “Shortbread Nom Noms”

  1. And those who can make the yummiest shortbread are true life safers. And those who can enjoy the yummiest shortbread are blessed 😉

    All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

    1. oh that almost made me cry!! what a sweet sentiment 🙂

  2. Lots and lots of butter, I assume? Heavenly, I’m sure! Merry Christmas!!!

    1. copious amounts of butter lol Merry over Christmas to you tooooo oxoxox

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