Snow? Snow Snow Snow


I’m getting downright sick of this!! it’s not even SUPPOSED to snow here! 🙂 My little baby car is an icecube!!

6 comments on “Snow? Snow Snow Snow”

  1. If only it were HERE, I’d be saying “Let it snow, Let it snow, Let it snow!!!” But for you, can you enjoy it for me? I’d love to see this much snow again before I kick the bucket. Seriously. In the meantime, stay warm and safe.

    1. I knoooow, i was just feeling guilty for this post when i thought of you and how much you want snow… i just said a prayer for you, sister

  2. We have finally had some snow. Fortunately ours is fluffy and dry; not that wet slop you get.

    1. yes, well it’s only wet slop on NORMAL years where it melts within the same day lol this year sucked

  3. The good thing about this cold is you don’t have to carry the beer inside. I love winter time 😉

    All the best & cold drinks, Fritsch.

    1. hahaha, yep, cold beer, that’s the first thing that comes to mind in canada lol

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