Upside Down, Girl You Send Me


8 comments on “Upside Down, Girl You Send Me”

  1. HA! And still that tongue, no matter which way. (I’m glad you didn’t add “on.” HA!)

    1. it’s a sonnnggg, upside down you turn me, inside out, and round and round

      1. Wait. Didn’t it originally say “Girl you turn me?” That’s why I said what I did. HA!

      2. yes it did originally say ‘turn’ but i didn’t want anyone else to think bad thoughts if they didn’t know the song lol

  2. Once again with the tongue hanging out. Doesn’t matter what position, does it! But she does look cute upside-down.

    1. yes, haha, i know, her tongue is ALWAYS sticking out!! but it’s cute, as long as she doesn’t mind waking up with a dry tongue 🙂

  3. So true, darling. That’s what you do with the sweetest songs you sing & the finest frames you hang up into the soul of this wanderer.

    All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

    1. you should find a girl and settle down… and i laughed and laughed lol NOT

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