into the wild blue

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Here I go again on my own, goin’ down the only road I’ve ever known, like a drifter i was born to walk alone lalala

6 comments on “into the wild blue”

  1. LALALA. We’re all vagabonds, I think, Elaine, but some of us are MORE SO than others. HA!

    1. Just a line from the song lol i’m a home body 🙂

  2. That is a cool shot. I like your highway photography.

    1. awww, thank you , Michael, that does my heart good, since i have a LOT of highway photography lol

  3. No true highway feel without you, darling, frame it like only you can do. No true highway feel without you & me running side by side, sweet heart!

    All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

    1. i used to be a long distance runner, did i ever tell you that? i would have loved to have run by your side! xoxox

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