This was our neighbour out at the RV, he was a good friend to both of us, but more my husband’s morning coffee pal… but he moved away a couple of months ago… I cried 🙁

12 thoughts on “Long Lost Friend

    1. yes, the tears kind of shocked me, i’m not usually much of a crier, but sometimes something will strum my heart strings in just the right way… i think i was crying more for my husband than i was me… he doesn’t have any friends out here. I only have Tina, but one is better than none!

  1. that is indeed a loss, Elaine. but you can still make the most of communication tools to keep in touch. not the same thing as face to face, but it is something.

  2. The roads we walk are mysterious & may sometimes lead us back to places & friends we left before. Crying. Hoping. Walking, my dear.

    All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

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