Wrong Side of the Tracks

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  1. Guess what, Elaine. For two weeks you are one hour closer to us here in the Netherlands/Europe, because we don’t spring forward in our time change till the 26th. How’s that for being on the “wrong side of the tracks!” 🙂

    1. so that means our date is at 10:30 instead of 9:30? coolness… but which one of us is on the wrong side? lol

  2. The questions is always, who is on the wrong side… The one on the wrong side, or the other? Or maybe be like electric wires, as in this case, and be on both sides at the same time. Then you are never wrong or always wrong, maybe…

    1. never or always, that depends on my state of mind, Otto lol we used to live on the right side of the tracks, and now we are on the wrong side, and i DO know the difference lol

  3. That is very cool. It looks like you strayed outside of your car!

    1. you could be wrong, you could be right!

  4. Looks like home. Both sides of the track are the wrong side!

    1. lol guess you’ll have to go to the END of the tracks 🙂

  5. “We’ll do 100 mph / Spendin’ someone elses dough / And we’ll drive all the way to reno / On the wrong side of the road” (Tom Waits)

    The sound to our wild rides, baby. Always on the wrong sides of the tracks.

    All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

    1. i love love Tom Waits, I saw him on the mule variations tour, 8th row centre lol i’m bragging i know, my dear, but you get me, right? 🙂

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