Gosh without Ginnie to keep me straight i never know what day it is haha

10 thoughts on “The Daily Smidge

  1. LOL. One thing I do know, usually, is what day it is. Today, here in Venice, it’s Wednesday. HA! I think Smidge could care less. 🙂

    1. Wednesday in Venice hmmm that sounds like a good name for a romance novel 🙂 and no, Smidge has other more important things to think about lol like ‘i can haz cheezeburger?’ 🙂

    1. she totally is, one thing that’s different than Zoe is that when anybody came near me, Zoe would bark and growl and slash… where as with Smidge she runs up wagging her tail at the speed of light, wanting to make friends 🙂

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