False Hopes

My Smidge is having a false pregnancy from her little love thang she did with Sparky who is neutered… her little boobies are getting all swollen, and i’m feeling very sorry for her, thinking she’s going to have babies 🙁 she’s even wanting more food after she finishes eating, like she’s eating for her babies, the poor wee thing.

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  1. Are there any photos of her actually standing up? 🙂

    1. no, gotta problem with that? lolol

    2. oh actually there is the one with her standing next to the statue of the war horse 🙂

  2. Have you seen this happen before with another dog, I wonder? In other words, is this common? Bless her ever-loving heart. She must have known we just celebrated Mother’s Day in America 🙂

    1. i told my husband that i thought Smidge was being ‘pregnant’… she is ‘showing’ the symptoms of it… so i googled ‘false pregnancy’ in dogs, and apparently it’s quite common… it comes from wolf packs where only the alpha female could get pregnant but the other females had to be ready to take over the litter if something happened to the mom… strange, but true.
      it’s heartbreaking to me, to think she is expecting babies that will never come… she is demanding much more food too, and i don’t want her to gain weight, it’s very dangerous for chihuahuas…

  3. she looks a bit more like someone who had a bit too much to drink on a Friday night, Elaine. but an adorable picture of her, for sure.

    1. hehe, drunk puppies… a good name for a band 🙂

  4. Well these dissapointments will make her stronger after all. And your love will be her blessing from the wounds of false hopes … I believe.

    All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

    1. I believe in immaculate conception and i believe in the ressurection… I believe in the shape of things to come and i believe i’m not the only one lalalala ~buzzcocks

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