I Love This House

They are selling this house with the huge yard to turn into two newly built monster houses… it makes me so sad.

10 comments on “I Love This House”

  1. Oh, man! What’s wrong with “these people??!!”

    1. I honestly don’t know… those new houses are made with sticks and particle board

  2. Time to deconstruct, maybe…

    1. maybe… there is probably mould in that old house

      1. I was rather thinking of the new house.

  3. Most new houses seem to lack soul these days.

    1. i agree, Michael… what is happening to our culture??

  4. i love this house and i think your high contrast image enhances the appeal, Elaine

  5. Seems like the time is right to foght for the right to keep our memories alive. It was an American artist who shipped th house of Rosa Parks from Dteroit to Berlin & rebuilt it in a backyard to keep the memories alive. Sad world. And even sadder if we don’t fight it.

    All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

    1. yes, the world has people like us, putting love vibes up into the collective consciousness… and good thing too! but i do believe that this world wasn’t built for hate, it just doesn’t work that way 🙂

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