What’s He Building In There? :)

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In the immortal words of Tom Waits… ‘what’s he building in there??’ from the album ‘Mule Variations’ for that tour I saw him in concert, 8th row center. 🙂

10 comments on “What’s He Building In There? :)”

  1. Sounds like a horror movie! I don’t think I want to know!!!

    1. The song sounds like a horror movie?? lol i thought it just sounded like nosey neighbours 🙂

  2. i was in the Netherlands for a brief period couple of years back and i used to notice a neighbourhood plot of land being prepared and one day they just brought a flatbed trailer truck with a fully built wooden house and just plonked it down on the plot. then they took a few hours to make up the utilities and connections, Elaine!

    1. wow, i’ve never heard of that!! except with trailers… and trailers aren’t exactly well built homes!

  3. I love Tom Waits. That is excellent.

    1. i love him toooo, it was at a small venue i saw him, the concert sold out in 3 minutes and we still got 8th row!! it was a magical evening 🙂

  4. Good old Tom. His voice is just getting worse and worse – I mean better and better. And, yes what is he building in there (a weird song by the way, but maybe that can be said of all his songs).

    1. yes, when he was on tour, by the time we saw him, he was just rasping… it was still an awesome how though!! And yeah, haha i guess all his songs are a bit weird, but that’s why we love him 🙂

  5. As long as he plays a good ol’ Tom tune afterwards he’s allowed to build anything. Because Tom rules & soothes & rules & soothes & …

    All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

    1. I just saw him in a movie, it looked like he had had a bit of plastic surgery! i thought, how unlike Tom! lol

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