Dream Rental

I love this house, it’s a duplex with a lovely rock garden in the front, where a cat is often found sitting and watching the traffic go by… it has a huge loft on the second story with all those windows, and a large fireplace up there that you can see glowing through the windows… it’s so lovely. i can’t say it’s my dream house, but it would be a dream RENTAL.

6 comments on “Dream Rental”

  1. The loft would “make it” for me. How lovely, especially with the fireplace (except for today, which is HOT here in Europe!).

    1. i love lofts sooo much, i wanted a loft apartment when i was young, but now i think i want a penthouse in the sky with a huge balcony with firepits and fishponds on it 🙂

  2. those are windows! i thought they were solar panels.

    1. ya the windows aren’t that pretty from the outside, but it would make the room inside glorious!

  3. I would say very nice, and good enough to dream about.

    1. yes, it’s a pleasant dream 🙂

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