The Mighty Chihuahua

10 comments on “The Mighty Chihuahua”

  1. She really is adorable in all her might!

    1. sooooo adorable, she is fearless compared to Zoe, but Zoe would slash and bark and growl at anyone who dared come near me haha… Smidge loves everyone who comes near me lol

  2. A terrific image with that wood background.

    1. Thank you, Michael… very kind of you!!

  3. Captured by the MIGHTY ELAINE!!!

    All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

    1. the mighty Elaine haha, that’s a first for me, baby xoxoxox

  4. she certainly does not seem about to back off, Elaine 🙂 i like the wooden background too.

    1. i’ve only seen her back down once, and that was when a huge boxer was trying to stomp her!!

  5. The question is really who is the might one here?… But as Ginnie points out, she is adorable no matter her size.

    1. she has a mighty heart! she thinks that everyone is as friendly as she is, so she has no fear!

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