Don’t Eat The Daisies

13 comments on “Don’t Eat The Daisies”

  1. I won’t, I promise. I bet they’re too pretty to eat!

    1. do you have the Doris Day song running thru your head now? lol

      1. NO. I don’t think I know it??? It doesn’t ring a bell.

  2. Wasn’t that an old tv show? And a movie?

    1. i don’t know about the TV show, but it was a movie that i got to catch later, like AFTER i was born haha

  3. I’m glad someone is finally taking over the job of photographing flowers. Now I can rest.

    1. noooooo, lol lots of peeps love flowers, you CAN’T stop

      1. Phil Vaughn says:

        I will think about it. I have probably missed one or two. By the way, your photo is very film-like. Nice.

      2. thank you, Philster… I actually didn’t much like the film look, it reminded me of messing things up in the colour darkroom, many years ago lol

  4. looks like somebody did eat a petal on the one to the left, Elaine!

    1. haha, good eye!!!

  5. Let me dream & never wake me up 🙂

    All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

    1. dreams are our guide to our real home… a way to visit there every night… that’s why dreaming keeps us sane in an insane world 🙂

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