Erg, Ate Too Much

10 comments on “Erg, Ate Too Much”

  1. HA! I know that feeling! Time to walk it off….?

    1. I think maybe i will buy her a leash and harness and see if she wants to walk on the ground instead of staying in her safe place (my bra lol)

  2. That is funny.

    1. i know haha, her pushed out little tummy and the ‘i give up’ gesture lol

  3. more like she wants a belly rub… NOW…!

    1. aaah, she is snoring away lol

  4. What a character!

    1. i know lol she is a real personality plus puppy 🙂 great to see you!

  5. It seems to be delicious what you serve 😉 No wonder it sure is made with love!

    All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

    1. I believe that food served with love tastes better… I have experience with this 🙂

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