Holding The Bag

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Leopold: Are you suggesting, madame, there exists a law compelling gentlemen to lay hold of canine bowel movements?

Policewoman: I’m suggesting you pick the poop up.

Leopold: I refuse, respectfully.

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10 comments on “Holding The Bag”

  1. HAHAHA! Well, then. Hubby does his duty for the day! Good for him.

    1. yep! hahaha, did you watch the vid? tho i know you have seen the movie! lol

  2. Gee. Left holding the bag. It could be a metaphor for some life-situations. 🙂

    1. yeah, lol, i wonder where the saying first came from? maybe bank robbers getting caught lol great to see you, Phil, so you can witness my boring photos… i’m in a rut.

      1. Your photos aren’t boring at all. I, for one, enjoy them. They are glimpses into your world and into the lives of the ones you love and who love you. Sunsets and flowers and landscapes are all beautiful, but they can’t compare with the beauty and love you have all around you. If this is your rut, it’s a really good one.

      2. awww, Phil, that was beautiful… honestly, i think you just saved my photoblog, i was thinking of shutting it down today!

  3. Hey, that was always my job!

    1. hahaha, it’s THE LAW 😛

  4. No boredom round here, dear. The love you spread is pure adventure.

    All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

    1. i haven’t seen you in soooo long! missed you!

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