Tucked in…

8 comments on “Tucked in…”

  1. Surely she knows how much she is pampered and loved!

    1. I think she’s starting to get the idea lol she is only ‘out and about’ for a couple hours a day, where she plays with Sparky and tries to get cheese out of hubby… the rest of the time she is snoozing on my leg lol

  2. 🙂 Absolutely tops the cute meter!

    1. awwww, thanks, Phil!!! xoxox

  3. i like her ears peeking out, Elaine. looks like she is still very alert.

    1. oh well haha, that means that chihuahuas are ALWAYS alert lol thanks Ayush! you gave me a smile 🙂

    1. I know right… such a joyful sleepy baby… wouldn’t we all love a sleep like that 🙂

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