My birthday cake

It was my birthday, we went out for dinner and stopped at the doughnut store we NEVER go to coz that would be bad mkay… lol so this was my ‘cake’

8 comments on “My birthday cake”

  1. HA! Well, once in a blue moon won’t kill you, right? 🙂 Happy Birthday, again.

    1. Thank you, sister!! ever notice that nobody ever gets sick of being told ‘Happy Birthday!!’ 🙂 xoxox

  2. Happy 29th, Miss Forever Young. 🙂

    1. Thaaaanks, Phil 🙂 how did you know? I never tell my age lol

  3. Happy birthday!

    1. Thanks!! xoxox

  4. For birthday everything should be OK, no? A belated happy birthday to you, Elaine!

    1. thank you, Otto! i did have a nice birthday 🙂

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