It’s Raining Again…

6 comments on “It’s Raining Again…”

  1. Isn’t it nice to be inside, in a car, when weather is like this? A strong image that makes me feel the coldness and wetness of the pouring rain.

    1. yes, Otto, Summer ended abruptly here… our winter is constant rain like this… fall is my fave time of year, to be cozy in side, in warm sweaters “_”

  2. This year I am in favour of a good deal of rain.

    1. oh i’ll bet you ARE… after a summer of wild fires!

  3. i believe this is the first of this kind of shot that i do not see a bright, cheery, sunny sky, Elaine. i like the lights flaring at the left

    1. it rains 3 seasons of the year here, Ayush lol

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