What do you want? What you see every day…

12 comments on “What do you want? What you see every day…”

  1. That Vespa is what I need for bombing around town.

    1. me toooooooo, it’s VERY WANTY 🙂

  2. love this shot, Elaine. the blinds work well too.

    1. Thank you Ayush! peeking out at what i covet, thru the blinds, well secluded, i see all lol

  3. It’s a great photo, with lots of depth, visually as well as emotionally. For me that little pink flower between the window and scooter adds to the emotionally content.

    1. Awww, thanks, Otto!! It is emotional… I have wanted a Vespa for sooo long, and I think it will become a regret of mine.

      1. How will it possibly become a regret?

      2. a regret that i never got one… the dreams of youth become the regrets of maturity (Legend) hehe… altho it was the devil who said that… now i have to get a vespa lol out of spite 🙂

      3. I actually thought it was yours…

      4. yeah, manifest it for me, Otto!! 🙂

  4. very good result in this one

    always love the everyday, could be anywhere images

    1. awww thanks sister… i love vespas, almost as much as i love volkswagen beetles <3

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