The girls

10 comments on “The girls”

  1. The girls…enjoying their first snow. YAY for December!

    1. yes, i’m about to shake it up with my snowglobe 🙂

  2. sweet

    i have Jane (kitty) as the girl in my life

    1. when i was young i was a cat person, then when i was a teenager i became allergic 🙁

  3. Very cool snow effect.

    1. wordpress does that every Christmas season 🙂

  4. Nice. 🙂 I like the photo.

    1. i don’t haha, but thanks, Phil xox

  5. the lipstick matches the shade on the harness, Elaine (or is that her jackett?)

    1. I knoooow, she would have made a great fashion accessory at the party last night 🙂

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