Poopy Puppy

8 comments on “Poopy Puppy”

  1. My Gosh, Smidge! One of your ears fell off–and a couple of legs, too! Poor baby!

    1. haha!! she IS a snuggle bunny xox

  2. Wait. I sure hope that’s a term of endearment???? 😀

    1. lol it sure is lol i call her ‘my poopy puppy’ all the time, with much love <3

  3. Do we get to call you poopy Elaine? 🙂

    1. um, no, but it hardly rhymes or anything, so why would you?

  4. why, what happened? something she ate?

    1. no no, she’s fine lol the words ‘poopy’ and ‘puppy’ are just…. synchopated lol

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