Take the long way home

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10 comments on “Take the long way home”

  1. Sometimes taking the long way home on the back roads is the best part of a trip! 🙂

    1. i totally agree… remember that story about ‘manifesting’ 35 mini coopers on the back roads home?

  2. wow, what a sky and the other road is perfect

    really nice

    1. thank you sweetie, you just cheered me up xoxox

  3. A few years ago Kim and I took over twelve hours to take the 3 hour journey home. One of our best.

    1. awww, that does sound wonderful… nice talks with our soulmates, out on the open road xoxox

  4. Detours can be De Tours. Well, you know what I mean. 🙂

    1. sure, i know what you mean Phil 🙂 WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? lol

  5. hmm.. i think i know what you mean but if i had someone waiting for me back home, i would hurry up!

    1. silly billy, you only take the long way home when that special someone is in the car with you xoxoxo

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