Going my way?

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doesn’t it look like a walking bridge that nobody ever walks on? so sad, don’t you think? 🙂
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12 comments on “Going my way?”

  1. Hmmmm. Yes, it does look like a walking bridge. But after what happened in Florida, maybe no one wants to try it? Or maybe it’s the time of day when no one WOULD be walking there? Hmmmm. Still, I like the moodiness of the inage.

    1. i don’t want to know what happened in Florida… i’m laying low on bad news this evening… i think maybe it’s just in the wrong place, not enuff houses around… ok, was just told what happened… i used to have a stalker that followed me around in highschool and for many years after… about 10 yrs total… and there was a walking bridge at my university that connected the library and the building across the street which housed exercise ‘stuff’ and i used to go there to run and shower… he knew that and always parked right under the bridge to watch for me… so i had to CRAWL on my hands and knees across the bridge, so he couldn’t see me… lol those were the days 😛

  2. i get a feeling it is cold out there and nobody wishes to be there if they could help it, Elaine… hmmmm come back here when it is warmer?

    1. lol possibly, i never thought of that 🙂 thanks, Ayush, the voice of reason

  3. It probably gets used enough to save people having to streak across the freeway; lives saved.

    1. yes, true… when you go streaking, you want it to be a safe streak 🙂

  4. when i saw it was a walking bridge i thought the same thing ginny said about the one in florida that collapsed this past week

    i do like walking bridges though. they’ve planned and built a few in the Little Rock area over the past few years. (hmm, just realized two of them collapsed during the building process and had to be rebuilt)

    take another route and don’t drive under it anymore

    1. i don’t even know where that was… hubby took an odd route to the dentist i think… i have never heard of one collapsing! that’s horrible!

  5. Your photo is certainly moody, but I can’t remember ever feeling sorry for a bridge. Do I have a sensitivity problem? Oh my. 😉

    1. yes you do, Phil… poor widdle bwidge lol <3

  6. The question is, why didn’t you stop and made the bridge happy?

    1. haha, wasn’t very Christian of me, was it? 🙂

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