In Cars 7

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  1. I find this photo troubling. Y’see–all the cars in the series are headed to the left coast. Canada will be overweight on that side and then bad things can happen. Like…slippage seaward. And I’m up way too late and I’m not even making sense to myself.

    1. hahaha, it does look like the left coast, if they were driving on a map… we can surely worry about the fault lines once we all get to our destination 🙂

  2. So many cars. So many stories. Sometimes you just have to wonder.

    1. i used to play with my imagination like that on the bus, and make up stories of people’s lives… perhaps that wasn’t wise? lol

  3. the color of car that never looks dirty : – )

    1. yes yes, that is pretty much the colour of our new car tooooo

  4. That moment is frozen but there is still a feeling of speed.

    1. yeah, i know what you mean, my first photoblog was called ‘stop light’… get it? hehe

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