I only go out from dusk till dawn, coz i’m insomniac… you thought i was going to say ‘vampire’? 🙂

10 comments on “Dusk”

  1. It never entered my mind, Elaine! 😀

    1. why… that’s coz you’re so pure of heart, hon 🙂

  2. Hey, I am an insomniac, too.

    1. sucks doesn’t it? but i notice when i try and go on a normal sleep schedule, i notice DAYS last waaaay longer than NIGHTS… lol i don’t like having that much time on my hands lol

  3. very dramatic sky

    i like all the power lines and traffic poles

    1. yeah, there are a lot of power lines aren’t there? like chem trails across the sky lol

  4. hmm.. so that is when you go watch all those movies that you sometimes refer to? my Mum is an insomniac so i can imagine it is not easy at all, Elaine!

    1. yes, haha i watch movies all night 🙂 right now i’m watching about the US bombing Syria

      1. uh oh, sounds like a recipe for more sleeplessness, Elaine?

      2. indeeeeed… but i come by it honestly, my mother before me was up all night and slept all day 🙂

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