10 comments on “Falling”

  1. Major Tom to ground control, we have a sudden lose of gravity!

    1. this is ground control to major tom…. can you hear me, major tom?… can you hear me, major tom?

      1. Don’t worry, I’ve already put my space suit on. 😉

      2. but is your helmut on? can you heeeere am i floating in a tin caaan, faaaaar above the world

  2. The 6 really catches the eye. I hope a six pack wasn’t involved.

    1. i know haha, i thought DOH what is that 6 doing in my 7 picture? lol

  3. such a soft, blue palette

    1. thanks sister! xox

  4. a nice image… i find it a bit cold though, with the sparkling blue and the bare tree branches, Elaine.

    1. it’s a winter image, for sure xoxox

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